How to Install an Assembly (DLL) to the GAC Using Powershell

If you do not have gacutil installed you may use PowerShell to install assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

Replicate SharePoint Quicklaunch Navigation on Non-Publishing Sites

You can't inherit the quicklaunch on SharePoint non-publishing pages so we show you a workaround that will allow you to replicate the quicklaunch on SharePoint.

Grant Permissions to SharePoint List Items Using PowerShell

I explain how to assign permissions to List Items in Sharepoint using the PowerShell command line language.

Update/Add Email Addresses to Active Directory from a file using PowerShell

I was given the task to assign users email address in Active Directory that were listed in a CSV file. In this blog entry I show you the powershell code that was used to perfom that.

Errors while running SharePoint cmdlets in PowerShell

This explains a common issue that developers run into when they first start working with PowerShell and SharePoint. The issue is that they forget to add the PowerShell snapin for Microsoft SharePoint into PowerShell.